Residential Tenancies Measures now in force


From 1 December 2016,  two further measures in the Immigration Act, which affect the private rented sector, come into force.

This means that:

  • It is now easier for private landlords to evict illegal migrant tenants.
  • It is now a crime to knowingly, or with reasonable cause to believe, let to illegal migrants.

These measures demonstrate the Government’s commitment to tackle illegal immigration, and its determination to take the necessary steps to protect public services and access to the private rented sector for lawful residents.

Further information on the measures and the Immigration Act 2016 is available on GOV.UK:




City of Wolverhampton Council’s new five-star rating system to improve the quality of housing in the city is now live – and if you’re a tenant looking to rent a private sector property you should head to as your first port of call.

Rent with Confidence’ is aiming to encourage greater customer choice and raise living standards.

It functions in a similar way to the rating scheme used by the Food Standards Agency for restaurants and takeaways.

Stars are awarded to landlords who comply with the law and who rent out property above the minimum statutory standards, with financial incentives for five-star landlords.

Overall, the scheme will see improved health and well-being of residents, along with better property and housing management standards, and longer term stability in neighbourhoods.  The scheme will improve the private rented offer and support the economic regeneration of the city.

For background on this initiative visit the City of Wolverhampton website.


Impact Pathways West Midlands


Impact Pathways is a ‘map’ of provision designed to help people who live and work in the West Midlands access support they might need.

It allows the public and professionals to search in their area for the resource, knowledge and expertise of statutory agencies such as the NHS, private companies, together with a whole range of charities and community groups who exist to offer services to support people.

The agencies are arranged by ‘pathways’ and postcode. The ‘pathways’ are based on a history of working to support people out of offending, but recognise that the type of support offered – with alcohol issues, housing problems, to find a job and so on – are useful to a much broader range of people than those involved in crime. Because of this these services are offered on a broader platform, particularly one where it’s possible for people to access support without necessarily going via a GP, the Council or the Police.


The nine pathways are:

  •     Drugs
  •     Alcohol
  •     Accommodation
  •     Children and families
  •     Finance, benefit and debt
  •     Mental and physical health
  •     Attitudes, thinking and behaviour
  •     Education, training and employment
  •     Women – domestic abuse and sex work

If you are looking to access support for yourself or someone else please browse the site. You can search by postcode, problem, and get the information back as a list of providers who will work with you or on a map. The agencies on this site contain information about how to access their services and often this is FREE, confidential and may even be a walk-in service.

Working in partnership with Impact Pathways West Midlands helps assist in the overall aim of helping people to access support to improve their lives.  Being linked to Impact Pathways West Midlands can also help your individual organisation in the following ways:

  •     Increasing awareness of the services you offer.
  •     Increased opportunities for successful funding bids.
  •     Increased opportunity to access new funding streams and ways of working.
  •     Gain support and advice of specialist workers on aligned sectors.
  •     Increased information sharing where appropriate.

If you are interested in signing up your agency for IPWM please use the enquiry form

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