Sandwell MBC Private Rented Homes Selective Licensing Consultation


Sandwell_Selective-LicensingSandwell MBC is considering ways in which to improve a number of neighbourhoods in their borough. One approach being considered is the possibility of introducing a selective licensing scheme for the privately rented homes in six areas within Sandwell. The six areas are in Old Hill, Smethwick , Tipton, Wednesbury, West Bromwich North and West Bromwich South. The scheme, if it is introduced, will apply to all privately rented homes within the proposed areas.

Sandwell Council is consulting with residents, landlords and businesses and other interested parties on this selective licensing proposal.

Sandwell MBC Selective Licensing Consultation Period
From Monday 3 March 2014 to Monday 12 May 2014

What is Selective Licensing?
The Housing Act 2004 allows councils to designate an area a “Selective Licensing” area. Selective Licensing means that private landlords who own houses or flats in designated Selective Licensing areas have to obtain a licence in order to operate. If the designation is approved, Selective Licensing can be used along with other initiatives to help regenerate areas by improving the management of the private rented sector housing to reduce anti-social behaviour.

For further information and to take part in this consultation visit the Sandwell MBC Selective Licensing Consultation webpage.

You can also download a Summary document on Selective Licensing HERE.

A Home of Your Own


Educating young people to help them to make successful and informed choices on their first home

The Homestamp Consortium is currently working on our new educational package A Home of Your Own. This comprehensive training resource aimed at improving the awareness of young people about the housing options available to them, the costs of the choices they make and how to be a good householder.

For use within schools, this pack aims to educated 14-16 years old and older,  disadvantaged young people in understanding their housing options and the private rented sector. Young people often move into accommodation without a clear view of the costs, the options and the responsibilities they have. Flexible early eduction is seen as vital in enabling young people to make a successful move into independent living.

Access to practical and financial help, as well as other sources of support and guidance, is the key to success. Although many young people voice a strong aspiration for home ownership, others aspire to a social housing tenancy. In either case, their hopes and aspirations regarding the housing type and tenure they will be able to afford need to be firmly grounded in reality.

A Home of Your Own covers the following areas, in 4 easy-to-use lessons:

  • Highlights the importance of budget planning
  • Explores the housing options available i.e. council, registered providers, private renting and owner occupation.
  • Looks at landlord and tenant responsibilities
  • Identify things they should ask when viewing a property, and
  • Explore what they can do when things go wrong

A Home of Your Own education pack is a joint partnership project between members of the Homestamp Consortium. This package is currently out on test with educational establishments and other target groups and will be available on global release during 2014.

More information on this package can be found in our presentation HERE.

A Home of Your Own project was also shortlisted as a finalist for Innovation in the  Landlord and Letting Awards 2013/14.

If you would like further information on A Home of Your Own please email


Sandwell Bugle


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