Welcome to the new Homestamp website!

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We’ve spent some time making updates and tweaks to our website, to make it easier for you to use and find information. It’ll also allow us to keep you up-to-date with all news concerning private renting.

The Homestamp partnership consortium has been working together for well over a decade, with the direct intention of making private sector housing safer and giving best practice advice from our range of partner organisations on a variety of topics.

You can see the list of our organisations who are part of Homestamp on our Partners page – with information and direct contact information should you want to contact them direct.

For Landlords:

Our Fire and Security Protection Standards Guide gives detailed information and guidance for those individuals who rent out private property. Click on our Landlords section to bring yourself up to date.

For Tenants:

Don’t just go into signing agreements empty handed – we’re here to help. As a place to start, Read This First in our Tenants section gives information and guidance to those individuals looking to rent from private landlords.

Finally, to keep us in your pocket all day long and get our micro-updates, follow us on Twitter @homestamp.

If you have any comments on our new website or would like advice please get in touch.