Midland Landlord Accreditation Scheme celebrates its 2,000th Member!

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Midland Landlord Accreditation Scheme celebrates its 2,000th Member!

The Midland Landlord Accreditation Scheme (MLAS) is proud to celebrate professional landlords.

At 2.00pm on 28th  November 2012,  Homestamp will be holding a celebration of the 2000th landlord to become accredited through the Midlands Landlords Accreditation Scheme (MLAS)  at the Landlords & Letting Show, Stoneleigh Park, Coventry.

Jacqui Kennedy OBE, Director of Regulation and Enforcement at Birmingham City Council, will present  Amerjit Kaur, a landlord in Birmingham, with the award for being the 2000th landlord to become accredited through MLAS.

MLAS is a scheme that has been supported by local authorities, West Midlands Fire Service, West Midlands Police, Student Unions, Universities and landlords associations since it began 2007 because they know that MLAS accredited Landlords and Letting Agents are knowledgeable and work to a Code of Conduct, and that this will raise the standards of homes offered to people by private landlords in the Midlands.

Whether you are accredited through MLAS or not we would like to invite you to join us and raise a glass to the huge success of this Midlands Scheme while you are enjoying a visit to the only show dedicated to landlords to be held in the Midlands   There will be many free seminars, given by industry experts, to attend to help landlords to keep up with current trends, changes of legislation and to ask the questions that are on your mind. You will find a full list of these seminars on the Landlords Show website alongside registration for FREE tickets.

Visit the Landlord and Lettings Show website at www.landlordshow.info 

We look forward to seeing you there – please come and say hello on Stand 19A where Homestamp will be giving away free information to help landlords to do a good job and where you can book your place on the next MLAS seminar.

If you are thinking of renting or letting a property – READ THIS FIRST!

2012 UPDATE!

Homestamp’s comprehensive guide to renting or letting a property has been updated and includes all the latest legal and general advice and guidance.

This guide includes updates to private renting legal requirements, housing advice and benefits and much much more.

Read This First is available to download in two parts – the main guide and a separate Important Checklists, which you can use to check out any properties you view to rent.

You can download Read This First from our website:  Go to our dedicated Read This First page to find out more.

Homestamp: ‘A Guide to Fire and Security Protection in Multi-Occupied Residential Properties’ 2012 UPDATE

We have updated our document A Guide to Fire and Security Protection in Multi-Occupied Residential Properties. 

This document gives advice to property owners, managers and contractors.

The 2012 edition updates all contact information and useful links. You can find out more and download this updated version on its dedicated page Landlords Fire and Security Protection.

Please note that the main advice contained in the 2009 edition remains current and correct.


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